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New recommendations for the treatment of chronic pain

Chronic pain poses a huge challenge to patients and the healthcare system.

In Poland, according to research conducted by the Polish Society for the Study of Pain, this problem is poorly treated. In today’s article, we will discuss new recommendations for the treatment of chronic pain and the serious consequences of this problem for modern medicine.

Polish pain research society: chronic pain is poorly treated in Poland

The society’s first headlines devoted to the problem of chronic pain in Poland caused outrage and commotion among the public. According to PTBB data, as many as 20% of Poles suffer from chronic pain, which significantly affects their quality of life, and only 10% of patients receive appropriate treatment.

Chronic pain is often the result of serious diseases such as rheumatic diseases, cancer, neuropathic pain or pain syndromes. Lack of appropriate treatment not only increases patient suffering, but also leads to costly hospitalizations and long-term treatments. The Polish Society for the Study of Pain calls for urgent changes in the approach to the treatment of chronic pain.

Recommendations of the Polish Pain Research Society

The Polish Society for the Study of Pain has developed new recommendations aimed at improving the care of patients suffering from chronic pain. One of the key elements of these recommendations is the education of both patients and medical staff. Patients should be informed about available treatments and medical staff should be adequately trained in pain management.

Another important point of the recommendation is the individualization of treatment. Each patient has different needs and the nature of pain, so treatment should be tailored to a specific case. The introduction of multimodal therapy, which combines various treatment methods, can significantly improve the effectiveness of therapy.

Chronic pain – a serious problem of modern medicine

Chronic pain is not only an individual patient’s problem, but also a challenge for the entire health care system. Patients suffering from chronic pain often use multiple medical services, which generates costs and burdens the system. Additionally, chronic pain can lead to depression, social isolation and loss of ability to work.

Modern medicine must face this problem and provide effective tools and treatment to patients suffering from chronic pain. The new recommendations of the Polish Society for the Study of Pain are a step in the right direction, but it is also necessary to increase social awareness on this topic and invest in research on new treatment methods.

Your suggestions

If you suffer from chronic pain or know someone who does, it is important to share your experiences and treatment suggestions. Thanks to cooperation between patients and medical specialists, we can effectively improve the quality of care for people suffering from chronic pain.

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Chronic pain is a serious challenge, both for patients and the healthcare system. By working together, we can find effective solutions and improve the quality of life of those affected by this problem.

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